Percocet Uses and side effects

When is Percocet in the market? Percocet Uses and side effects.


Since Percocet deliver in the market in the 1990s, doctors have advised this medicine for patients suffering from moderate or severe pain associated with surgery, injury, or dental procedures. Percocet contains the highly addictive ingredient, Oxycodone. This significant property of Percocet has turned into one of the most misused medicine in the market. Various pharmacies are selling Percocet online via prescription, and patients can buy Percocet online with overnight delivery from legit online pharmacies.

What is Percocet?  Percocet Uses and side effects

Percocet is a narcotic (opioid) pain killer that contains a combination of Acetaminophen and Oxycodone. Oxycodone is a powerful opioid that helps in the treatment of severe pain. Percocet is used by the patients who are suffering from moderate or severe distress of an injury, surgery, or dental procedures. Doctors prescribe the medication of Percocet as a painkiller. However, the medicine can be so addictive to the patient. It is a significant reason why this medicine is only available via prescription, and it is illegal to buy Percocet without prescription.

Like other narcotic medicines, Percocet is highly addictive because it works on the opioid receptors in the brain, triggering dopamine release and bind to the receptors which trigger the effect of euphoria and extreme happiness.

Possible signs of Percocet addiction

Percocet has various number of possible side effects. Identifying the presence of side effects associated with Percocet in someone who is using this medicine can help you to stop the Percocet addiction. It reduces intestinal motility. The significant sign of Percocet addiction is constipation and difficulty in bowel movements. Opioid painkillers like Percocet cause a number of symptoms which can help to spot addiction, which includes:
Mood swings
Extreme confusion
Difficulty sleeping or waking up
Low blood pressure
Shallow breathing
Reduced heartbeat
Loss of coordination
Treatment of this medication often requires several approaches. Several drugs are often needed to help treat symptoms caused by Percocet addiction. Prescription medicines are necessary in order to help overcome addiction to prescription medicine.

How is Percocet used?

Percocet is used for the treatment of acute pain, such as may occur for a small period of time after a surgery or injury. Percocet is also prescribed for the treatment of migraine headaches, but this is not commonly recommended to use this medicine for migraines. Read the medication instructions provided by your pharmacist before you start taking the dosage of Percocet or whenever you get a refill. If you have any questions about the medication, consult with your doctor, or pharmacist.

Dosage of Percocet always depends on your medical condition, age, and response to the medication. Older patients most commonly start this medication with a lower dose to prevent the risks of side effects. The patient should never alter the treatment of this medicine, take it more often than prescribed, or continue it for a longer time without consulting a doctor.

Percocet online Withdrawal

The patient might suffer from withdrawal effects if he/she suddenly stop taking the medication of this drug.
Mental or mood changes
Stomach cramps
Runny nose
Watering eyes
Sudden changes in behaviour
Trouble sleeping
Thoughts of suicide
Muscle aches
To prevent the occurrence of withdrawal effects of Percocet, lower the dosage quantity slowly according to the directions received from a physician when this medication is supposed to be stopped. Withdrawal effects are more likely when the patient has used the prescription of Percocet for a long time or in high doses. Consult with the doctor right away if you or anyone you know notice withdrawal.

Percocet side effects

Side effects are more common when the medication of Percocet is started for the first time. Always keep in mind that your doctor or health care provider has prescribed you to use Percocet because he or she judged that the benefit of this medication is greater than the risk of side effects. Many patients have used this medication and did not encounter any of its side effects. Side effects of Percocet include:

Increase in saliva production
High fever
Mood swings
Loss of coordination
Approach your doctor or health care provider right away or seek emergency medical help if any of the side effects occur. Eat dietary fibre, drink enough water, and exercise to prevent constipation.

Frequently Asked Questions Percocet Uses and side effects 

How to know if someone is on Percocet?
Like many other medicines, Percocet is an opioid pain killer. When someone firsts start taking this medication, they will likely feel a euphoric rush. The significant sign of Percocet addiction is constipation and difficulty in bowel movements.

Can Percocet cause an overdose?

All opioid medicines can lead to overdose when a person takes too much of it or takes it too often. While the dosage of this medication for each individual is different, abusing this medicine puts a person at risk of an overdose. Any alteration made by the patient in the dosage of Percocet can lead to an overdose. Signs of Percocet overdose include Pinpoint pupils, Low blood pressure, Nausea, vomiting, Weak pulse, Abdominal discomfort, Blue-tinted skin, Agitation.

Can Percocet cause withdrawal?

All opioid medicine, including Percocet, can cause withdrawal symptoms. Suddenly stopping taking the doses of Percocet can cause withdrawal symptoms.

Missed dose

Skip the missed dose when it is time for the next dose. Do not double dose Percocet. Consult with your doctor for a better understanding of missed doses of Percocet.

Storage of Percocet

Store the medicine at room temperature, away from moisture, direct sunlight, and heat. Do not flush the medication in the toilet and do not store it in the kitchen. Keep a record of your remaining medicine. Do not leftover your opioid drug.

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