what is oxcycontin

What is Oxycontin & where to buy oxcycontin online

What is Oxycontin & where to buy oxycontin online

What is Oxycontin

What is Oxycontin is an opioid drug, and it is an extended-release tablet. It is used to treat moderate to moderately chronic pain. Percocet is also used in the case of arthritis, cancer pain, and seizure injuries, etc. It is available in the market under the brand name, Percocet. Oxycontin is a highly addictive drug if abused, but in some cases, the patient gets addicted to it even when taking the medication as prescribed.

Roxicodone is a powerful opioid pain reliever and is highly addictive. The medicines of Percocet should be taken under the highly strict prescription of the professional physicist or doctor. Oxycontin is the same as the drug heroin because it is made from the poppy plants from which heroin is made so, it gets addicted quickly. The misuse of opioids can result in dependence or addiction to mental and physical health to the patient.

The drug Oxycontin comes in the form of an oral pill or tablets weigh up to 10 to 160 mg. It is a narcotic analgesic, so, generally, it is prescribed with the non-narcotic painkillers, Percodan and Percocet. Oxycontin provides long pain relief up to 12 hours per dose.

How is Oxycontin used?

As Roxicodone is used for the medication of pain, this drug contains a controlled time-release formulation, so it is taken every 12 hours during the medication. But on some chronic pain medications, this drug is taken every three to six hours. The people who abuse Oxycodone remove the continuous release coating to get a quick release of the drug. When Oxycontin is abused, the tablets of this drug are chewed, snorted, injected, or smoked.

Withdrawal and side effects of Oxycontin

The severe risks libidinous with opioid together, is respiratory depression, slow breathing. The side effects of Roxicodone include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Sedation
  • Dry mouth
  • Sweating
  • Mood changes
  • Weakness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Headache etc.


Taking an overdose of Oxycontin causes severe respiratory depression, stopped or difficulty in breathing, which may lead to death. Recent research shows that opioids are not quite better with non-opioid pain relief in getting rid of acute and chronic pain Proper precautions should be taken before the medication of this drug. 

Precaution during the medication of Oxycontin

Caution is an essential step while the prescription of Oxycontin or other narcotic drugs. If you are starting the medication of Oxycontin, be sure that your doctor should know about your allergies (if any) and the medicines you are using along with herbal products. Also, stay in touch with your doctor or physicist in the 24 to 72 hours at the start of this drug to know if the medicine is working correctly or not. 

Do not take this drug without a legal prescription because it is illegal and prohibited to take this drug without a strict prescription by a physicist or doctor. If you are taking an MAO inhibitor for more than a week then, do not take the medication of this drug because this will lead to severe types of allergies or sometimes it will lead to death.

How does oxycodone different from other pain killers?

Oxycodone has been serving in the market since 1916 and has made numerous headlines because of its quick, effective results. Although it comes in the variant of the immediate-release formulation. There are some central traits of immediate release variations, for example-

Immediate release variant discharges its properties within 30 minutes of consumption.
Although the properties remain in the system for around 6 hours. However, the span may every from sufferer to sufferer due to different health components.
In short, this variant is used or prescribed by the doctor on an as-needed basis. Users can take the dosage at the interval of 6 hours.

However, there is one more variant available of this medicine, known as the extended-release variant. The extended-release variant is Oxycontin that is the brand version. In contrast, oxycodone comes in the market as the generic version. Some primary characteristics of the brand version (OxyContin) are:

OxyContin discharges its properties gradually over time. The results are seen within an hour of this variant.

However, the effects continue in the system for around 12 hours in the body and keep functioning to lower the distress.
In short, it is used on an around-the-clock treatment for more extended relief. It should not be taken on an as-needed basis.

One should consult with the doctor to get the correct information before using any variant. The doctor finalizes the variant after going through several factors to ensure its effectiveness and protection. Therefore, don’t take any of the variants with self-assumption.

Additional notes:
OxyContin exists in a potent nature and may cause drastic side effects if not used in a directed manner. Therefore, one should keep the precautions and leaflet in the mindset during the treatment to avoid future conflicts. Hence, you will be accountable for future consequences if you skip the precautions and guidelines.

FDA statements on Oxycontin:

FDA directs the consumption of oxycodone, its brand version, for addressing moderate to severe pain in adults.
It works on every kind of pain, such as regular, irregular, chronic, and acute.
However, it should only be used if you are directed for its usage by the doctor with legal RX.
As per the guidelines of the FDA, it should be cultivated for any other use instead of dealing with discomfort in the form of pain.
Doing so can lead to drastic outcomes. Therefore, run the treatment as per the norms offered by the doctor.
Oxycodone was the 47th most directed drug with around 16 million prescriptions as per the 2017 drug survey.


Oxycodone is not prescribed for the treatment of pain in children younger than 18 years due to its potent active elements.

It’s an opioid and may lead to drug dependency, addiction, and side effects in children.
Therefore, if you are below to recommended age, then meet the doctor and have a consultation.
The doctor may approve the treatment after analyzing the overall body that meets your health parameter.
Therefore, don’t take this medication despite the forbidden; otherwise, you may meet hazardous outcomes.
The outcomes might range from moderate to severe. In case anyone around you has taken this medication mistakenly so report to the doctor immediately without holdup.


While Oxycontin is an opioid drug and helps to relieve moderate to chronic pain and other symptoms, many reports have shown that, like other opioid drugs, it has many side effects (in some cases) even when used as prescribed. Oxycontin is also habit-forming and addictive in some cases when used in larger doses than prescribed or using it more frequently or taking it without any legal and required prescription. This has led to a slight reduction in the order of Oxycontin.



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