Symptoms of Percocet Abuse & Treatment Information

Symptoms of Percocet Abuse & Treatment Information


Symptoms of Percocet Abuse is being used under the policies and directions of health professionals to deal with severe and chronic pain. Percocet includes opioid narcotic pain reliever (oxycodone) and non-opioid pain reliever (acetaminophen).

Oxycodone functions in the brain to change the sense and the response of the body towards the pain portion to offer instant/rapid relief. Acetaminophen runs to maintain the internal and external body temperature for a healthy and active body.

The generic name of Percocet is hydrocodone and acetaminophen.

Percocet should use when your doctor and experts prescribe it and if you are using without doctor’s consultation so it may show negative impacts on health.

Percocet is available in several strengths and powers which may deliver you after examining your physical and mental status. The dosage of Percocet may vary from patient to patient due to age and medical factors.

Percocet should be used under the prescribed manner otherwise it may lead to cause adverse effects on health. Symptoms of Percocet Abuse is available online but it would be best for your body if you are running the dosage and procedure with doctor’s consultation. You can get an online prescription from an online physician to buy Percocet online.

What are the side effects of Percocet?

• Percocet may lead to cause some unhealthy symptoms on health if you are not running the treatment in a prescribed manner. You have to go keep the safeguards in mind to overcome the impacts of future side effects.

• You will be answerable for future protocols if you are abusing or exceeding the recommended dosage. It would be beneficial for health if you are using the Percocet and its other strengths with expert’s guidelines.

• There are some side effects mentioned by the experts which may occur due to the unhealthy usage of Percocet.

Common side effects with Percocet are-
• Dizziness
• Drowsiness
• Indigestion
• Constipation
• Itching
• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Cough
• Dry mouth

Severe/rare side effects with Percocet are-

• Irregular heartbeat
• Lack of appetite
• Trouble in breathing
• Hallucination
• Mood swings
• Narcolepsy
• Low and high blood pressure
• Abnormal thoughts
• Harsh fatigue


There would be minor possibilities to meet with severe side effects but if you are consuming the excess dosage or abusing the drug so you may face above mentioned side effects.

Points to keep in mind while using the Percocet-
• Deflect excess dosage.
• Run in a prescribed manner for beneficial results.
• Discuss the dosage with the doctor.
• Don’t take Percocet abruptly.

How does Percocet eliminate from the body?

Elimination cycle-

• Percocet elimination process may vary from patient to patient due to dosage strengths and medical status.

• It may exclude through saliva, hairs, urine, and sweat with different time ranges. Percocet 85% amount exit through urine and the remaining dosage may out through saliva, hairs, and sweat. It is noticeable in the blood and urine tests after the last dosage.

• Percocet may take time to exclude if you are under the amount of excess dosage. Percocet may stay in your system longer than the recommended duration due to the intake of surplus dosage.

What are the available strengths of Percocet?

Percocet is available in various power which may vary from patient to patient due to age and medical factors. You should consult the dose with a doctor.

Currently available strengths are-
•Dosage Percocet 10/325mg
• Pain reliever 2.5/325mg
• Acetaminophen  5/325mg
•Pain reliever 7.5/325mg
•Oxycodone  7.5/500mg

Is it safe to use Percocet while pregnancy?

• It is not safe to consume Percocet while running in pregnancy or nursing phase because it may lead to obstructing the development and growth of the infant.
• You will be liable for future outcomes if you are consuming the Percocet and its other strengths because there are some cases of death seen in the US with the usage of Percocet In pregnancy.

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