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Proper use of Soma

Does Soma make you sleepy?

Soma is a brand name for the generic medicine Carisoprodol. It is the most popular pain killer in the United States. However, doctors also prescribe this medicine for the treatment of muscle spasm and skeletal muscle pain. The drug is beneficial to relax muscles and discomfort caused by acute pain. Moreover, Soma does not take the place of rest, physical therapy, or exercise. Consult with a doctor before taking Soma for pain.

Proper use of Soma

Take the doses of Soma as directed by your doctor. Please do not attempt to take more of it or take it more often. However, Soma has a high potential for addiction and may become habit-forming quickly. In general, dependence mostly occurs when a patient uses it for a more extended period. Mainly, experts only prescribe this medicine for a short period.proper use of soma 250mg

Classification of doses

The doses of Soma are not the same for every patient. It depends on the medical condition and other symptoms of the patient. However, follow your doctor’s advice and take the exact dosage as prescribed. Moreover, the amount of medicine you should take depends on the strength of the drug. Consult with a doctor for better dosage recommendations and the number of doses each day.

For relaxing muscles

  • Adults: A patient over 16 years of age should take 250 mg to 350 mg of Soma, three times a day, and also at bedtime.
  • Children: A professional doctor must determine the doses of minors. Consult with a doctor if a minor patient requires treatment of Soma.


Missed dose

You should not miss any dose of Soma to guarantee the effectiveness of the medication. However, if you accidentally missed a dose, take it as soon as you remember it. If it’s time for the next dose, avoid the skipped dose. Do not take two doses of Soma at a time. It will create an overdose that may lead to severe side effects.

Uses and storage of Soma

It is crucial for you to understand and follow the storage instructions. Store the pills of Soma in its original container. Also, keep it away from dust, moisture, and pets. Moreover, keep count of your left tablets. proper use of soma

Soma and pregnancy

There are no sufficient studies in women to determine risks during pregnancy. However, experts usually avoid prescribing this medicine during pregnancy and breastfeeding.