Xanax and Tramadol

Xanax and Tramadol

You need to take several precautions and responsibilities while taking any medication. Especially when you are taking such a group of drugs like opioids and benzodiazepine. Both medicines influence the central nervous system and have a high potential for abuse and addiction. It would be best if you get professional advice before taking Xanax and Tramadol together.use of Xanax and tramadol


But what will happen if you take Xanax and Tramadol together?


Is it dangerous to take these medicines together? To find out this, we should first know for what purpose these medicines are used and what effects they produce.


Tramadol – A potent painkiller


Doctors prescribe Tramadol to millions of patients around the world to reduce the sensation of pain. It helps to relieve migraine, severe headache, back pain, arthritis, skeletal muscle pain, and any post-surgical pain. Opioid medicines, such as Tramadol, stimulates the Central nervous system and produce calmness.


Tramadol is not a complete treatment option for pain but is used as a part of the treatment. It reduces the feeling of pain by altering a few natural chemicals inside the brain. These neurotransmitters block the pain messages inside the central nervous system.


Xanax – An effective treatment for anxiety

Xanax is a benzodiazepine and is known to be highly addictive medication. It is one of the most prescribed medicines for the treatment of panic, anxiety attacks, and depression. Tramadol and opioids it may also cause respiratory problems. 


Xanax produces a sedative effect, which in turn may enhance the effects of other medicines if you take them simultaneously. Just like Tramadol, it also alters a few natural chemicals inside the central nervous system.

Can a combination of Opioid and Tramadol be useful?


In some medical cases, doctors consider creating a useful condition of Xanax and Tramadol for the patient. However, they also control the dosage to prevent an overdose of any of these medications. When the patient follows a prescribed dose, there won’t be any problems.


There are some cases in which medical professional should justify Tramadol and Xanax combination:

  • When a patient has both symptoms of anxiety and pain.
  • There is a need for a more strong sedative effect.
  • Larger doses may be used in anesthesia.


When the combination of Tramadol and Xanax become risky?


The risk increases when a patient starts taking higher doses of medicine than it was prescribed. In more cases, the patient develops a tolerance to Xanax, which requires them to take high doses. More intense side effects may appear when you are taking a higher dose of Xanax or Tramadol.


As both of the medicines are CNS stimulants, the risk of breathing problems and sleep apnea is higher. Moreover, the risk of overdose is also very high. So, the doctor should adequately monitor a patient who is taking both medicines together. Remember, you should never exceed the dose of Xanax and Tramadol prescribed by a medical professional.use of Xanax and tramadol

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