Yellow Xanax bars  R 039

Yellow Xanax bars  R 039

Yellow Xanax bars  R 039 is a brand version of the drug Alprazolam. It is a prescription medicine and a potent benzodiazepine. Besides, it is known for its benefits for anxiety disorders and panic attacks. Yellow Xanax provides calming effects and reduces anxiety symptoms. However, doctors do not prescribe this drug for the treatment of patients under 16 years. Therefore, consult with an expert doctor before using Xanax (Alprazolam).


Yellow Xanax bars are useful for different kinds of anxiety, panic attacks, and social phobia. Whereas, doctors usually prescribe this drug to a patient who has a generalized anxiety disorder.


Distinctive characteristics of Yellow Xanax bars (R039 pills)


Unlike regular Xanax, Yellow Xanax comes in a rectangular shape having R039 imprinted on it. As its name suggests, it is available only in Yellow colour and contains 2 mg of Alprazolam. Besides, it is similar to Blue or Green Xanax bars in strength. Moreover, the street name of Xanax is a yellow school bus due to its colour and shape.


What is the half-life of Yellow Xanax bars


While using the drug, a person should know how long does Xanax stay in their system. You can also ask your doctor if you are not sure about the half-life of this drug. In medical language, the half-life is a term that indicates the time in which the body eliminates the half dosage of Xanax.


When someone takes Yellow Xanax, it should start working within one or two hours. Furthermore, it has an average half-life of 11 hours. Xanax takes four days on average to clear from your system. Besides, the drug works differently for every patient. Thus, discuss the working of Xanax with your doctor to get a better explanation.


Xanax stays in for different duration in different parts of the body, such as:

  • Up to 1 week in urine
  • Around 36 hours in blood
  • Up to 2 days in saliva
  • Approximately three months in hair


What is Yellow Xanax oval?


Besides the rectangular bar, Yellow Xanax also comes in an oval shape. It also contains 2 mg of Alprazolam and works similar to R039 pills. However, the different shape does not mean that it provides different effects. Consult with your doctor if you are still curious about the various forms of Xanax.


Before using Xanax


A person should not use Xanax if he is allergic to Alprazolam or benzodiazepines. Furthermore, people with narrow-angle glaucoma should also avoid using this drug.


To make sure that Yellow Xanax is safe for you, inform your doctor if you have any of these medical conditions:

  • troubles breathing, including asthma
  • kidney or liver problems
  • seizures or epilepsy
  • Severe depression, including suicidal thoughts and behaviour
  • alcohol or drug addiction
  • extreme dizziness


Are there any side effects of Yellow Xanax (Alprazolam)


Misuse of Xanax 3mg may lead to some side effects which might become severe. Besides, side effects are minimal at prescribed doses. Therefore, follow your doctor guidelines to ensure a healthy treatment. Xanax may cause dizziness, headache, constipation, and other adverse effects. Moreover, ask your doctor about the possible side effects of Yellow Xanax 3mg.


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