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Blue Xanax or Alprazolam

Blue Xanax

Blue Xanax or Alprazolam 1 mg is a benzodiazepine. The FDA approves this drug for the treatment of anxiety disorders and panic attacks. Besides, Xanax is available in other strengths, such as 0.25 mg, 0.5 mg, and 2 mg. According to the DEA, the color present in the Blue Xanax bar is safe to consume.


Moreover, Alprazolam is beneficial for different kinds of anxiety disorders. Generally, doctors prescribe it for treating generalized anxiety disorder. Blue Xanax is a prescription medicine and requires medical approval. Thus, consult with a physician before using Xanax for anxiety or otherwise.


What does Xanax do?


Benzos, including Blue Xanax, are useful when a person has frequent and severe anxiety. It increases the number of neurotransmitters inside the brain. Afterward, that enables the feeling of calmness and relaxation. Moreover, Alprazolam enhances the effects of certain brain chemicals, such as GABA.


When a person takes Blue Xanax, he feels calm and soothing. Besides, the higher doses may cause sedation or trigger euphoria. It is the main reason behind the abuse and misuse of Xanax. However, one should not use Xanax against the prescription guidelines. Doing so can cause various side effects.


Abuse and recreational usage of Xanax


Drug addicts and alcoholics generally use Xanax to feel euphoric. Also, people mix Xanax with alcohol to increase the soothing effects. However, it can lead to serious health issues, such as a coma. Thus, the FDA highly condemns recreational or non-medical usage of Alprazolam.


However, a person may also abuse Xanax while taking prescribed doses. After a period of medication, the drug may not provide the same effects. In these situations, patients increase their dosage or take it frequently. Afterward, it leads to addiction and abuse of Xanax.


Side effects of Blue Xanax


Like other benzos, Blue Xanax can cause a few side effects at prescribed doses. Besides, the harmful effects have increased risks at recreational usage. 


Common side effects of irregular doses Blue Xanax include:


  • dizziness
  • fatigue
  • nausea
  • slurred speech
  • confusion
  • poor coordination
  • memory problems
  • flushing
  • blurred vision
  • sleeping problems


These symptoms may become severe over time. Thus, inform your physician in case of side effects. Besides, take appropriate cautions to prevent these harmful outcomes of Xanax.


What Special Precautions You Need to Take


How trusted you might feel for getting rid of sleep problems or for overcoming fear & anxiety, but you should avoid using Xanax without a doctor’s prescription. Hence, in no case, it should be taken in more than the required amount or longer than the required period. 


Also, avoid using Blue Xanax with alcohol or other sedatives and liquor. Older adults and children are more sensitive to the harmful effects of the drug. Further, doctors do not recommend Xanax for pregnant ladies and breastfeeding mothers. It affects the brain and nerves, and hence after ingestion, you should not indulge in any activity that requires coordination of the mind.


A word of caution


Do not take benzodiazepines if you have brain injuries. Similarly, tell your doctor if you get strokes or have heart disease. Besides, carefully follow the medicinal guidelines to ensure a healthy treatment.