Medicine For Insomnia

Medicine For Insomnia is a sleep disorder that disturbs your sleeping pattern. Also, it may trouble falling or staying asleep. The disease can be both short-term or long-term (severe). Besides, it may also come and go. However, when insomnia becomes severe and frequent, it needs treatment. Thus, doctors prescribe Ambien for the effective treatment of sleeping disorders, including insomnia.


What is Ambien? 


Ambien is also available with the name Zolpidem, which is a generic form. It comes in the category of drugs known as sedative-hypnotics. Thus, Ambien stimulates the brain and reduces the activities of the brain. Besides, it is also helpful in treating insomnia associated with anxiety.


However, consult with a doctor before using Ambien for any purpose. The FDA controls the usage and distribution of Zolpidem. Also, follow the medication guidelines while using this drug. Generally, doctors prescribe to adult patients for the short term. Thus, do not continue the treatment after the prescription period. 


Who should not take Ambien (Zolpidem)


The drug is not safe to use for every individual. Thus, doctors perform several tests before prescribing the medication to a patient. Besides, your doctor will also discuss your medical history. However, a person should not use Ambien in the following situations:

  • Do not take this drug if you are allergic to ingredients in Ambien.
  • Avoid this drug if you have drug or alcohol addiction.
  • Doctors do not prescribe Zolpidem to a pregnant or nursing patient. Thus, please do not use it during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

For detailed information, consult with your doctor or pharmacist. 


Side effects of Ambien


While using Ambien, you may encounter a few unwanted outcomes of it. These side effects are frequent in non-prescribed drug usage. However, the medical use of Zolpidem can also cause some mild adverse effects.


The common side effects of Ambien and Ambien CR include:

  • dizziness
  • confusion
  • fainting
  • vomiting
  • memory loss
  • sleepiness
  • loss of coordination
  • stomach cramps
  • blurred vision
  • changes in libido
  • loss of appetite

These symptoms may become severe when you do not follow the medication guidelines. Thus, inform your doctor if you undergo any of these outcomes. Besides, drink enough water to avoid constipation.


How to prevent the side effects of Ambien


A person can avoid the side effects by taking prescribed dosages. Besides, following the doctor’s directions will also help. Ask your doctor if you do not understand the dosages or precautions. These precautions are also crucial for the effective treatment of insomnia. However, take the following precautions while using this drug:

  • take the prescribed doses and do not make changes in them.
  • Take the oral doses without crushing or licking the tablet.
  • Use proper caution if you have liver or kidney disease.
  • Avoid alcohol and liquor while using Zolpidem. Alcohol can increase the effects of Ambien and create an overdose.
  • Store your pills at a safe place and do not share it with your friends or family members.

For more information, discuss it with your health care provider or pharmacist.


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