Are Yellow Xanax Extended Release?

Is Yellow Xanax Extended Release?

Yellow Xanax or R039 is a potent drug for the treatment of anxiety and depression. The doctors usually prescribe it when a patient requires a higher dose than regular. Like other benzos, Yellow Xanax also works inside the central nervous system and soothes the brain. Due to these impacts, the FDA listed this drug as a controlled substance. Hence, the FDA regulates the usage and distribution of Yellow Xanax.


Moreover, the drug is also available as a generic with the name Alprazolam. The generic and brand name drugs work the same, but they are different in cost. Therefore, ask your doctor about the generic Xanax if you are broke or want to save money.


Yellow Xanax as a street drug


Xanax or Alprazolam are also used by those who don’t have a prescription for it. Generally, college students use this medicine to stay away from stress and depression. Some reports show that 67% of the users started taking Xanax after sharing it with friends. Besides, on the street, Xanax is also called the yellow school bus. It is one of the slang names of Xanax. 


However, frequent usage of Yellow Xanax without a doctor’s approval can harm a person. A person can build addiction or tolerance to this drug. Therefore, consult with a medical expert before using Yellow Xanax for any cause.


What does Yellow Xanax look like?


Yellow Xanax is slightly different from other strengths. It is available in a rectangular bar shape and has a yellow color. Besides, it contains 2 mg strength of Alprazolam, which is a potent power. Furthermore, it has R039 printed on it. 


The color and shape of Yellow Xanax is FDA approved and is safe to consume. However, a person should follow the medicinal directions for the best results. 


How does Yellow Xanax make you feel?


Yellow Xanax enhances a chemical inside the brain, known as GABA. After taking the drug, it slows down the brain’s function and reduces heart rate and blood pressure. Further, a patient taking Yellow Xanax according to a doctor’s guidance will feel calm and drowsy. At recreational usage, Yellow Xanax may cause extreme dizziness, sedation, and euphoria.


What does Yellow Xanax feel like when you have anxiety?


Alprazolam works by increasing the neurotransmitter dopamine inside the central nervous system. Also, some patients claim that it creates soothing and provides relaxation. Xanax works in the same way when you do not have anxiety. It is the main reason why people feel calm and euphoric. Medical experts believe that Yellow Xanax increases the number of GABA receptors that create sedation.Are Yellow Xanax Extended Release?

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