Ativan for my anxiety treatment

I read these points before buying Ativan for my anxiety treatment.

How long does Ativan last?

Ativan for my anxiety treatment.  is a popular medication and is mostly known for its quick result in the human body. It is available in a tablet and liquid form, and it starts working with 30 minutes, and the maximum you see results within 45 minutes. As it helps to deal with anxiety and mental distress, therefore it lasts up to 8 hours. And in rare cases, it lasts up to 12 hours.

Are ativan and lorazepam the same?

Yes, it is the same. In fact, Ativan is a brand name of Lorazepam medicine. But people know Ativan name more than lorazepam, and it is a very common medicine for anxiety treatment. These are interchangeable names of each other and have the same properties and side-effects. 

What Ativan used for?

Ativan has multiple uses to deal with various problems. However, the FDA has approved Ativan only for mental issues, such as anxiety attacks, short-term sleeping problems (insomnia), and seizures. These mental disorders are very subtle and may persist for a longer time.   

Besides that, there are several non-FDA approved uses of Ativan. For instance, Vertigo, depression, pain, alcohol withdrawal, and agitation.

What Ativan does to the brain?

Ativan acts in the brain’s central nervous system and controls the GABA chemical messenger of the mind. With this, a body feels calm and relaxed and sleepy instantly. It flowers the brain process and let it sleep for a while. This is how your brain may feel numb for a while. Many times, doctors may use Ativan as a pre-operation dose. 

Will ativan help you sleep?

Yes, it is sedative in nature and belongs to the benzodiazepine medicine class. Also, Ativan’s secondary role is to deal with insomnia. After a single dose of Ativan, you feel dizzy and sleepy, and its reaction lasts up to 8 hours. 

Can Ativan cause depression?

Ativan treats depression for a limited time. If you prefer to use it for a longer time, you may feel dependent and addicted to the medication. And your addiction will make you think depressed. You may also use an Ativan tablet before going to sleep, which is not suitable for the human body. 

Can ativan cause hallucinations?

Yes, it can cause hallucinations because it is one of the side-effects of Ativan. And it is mentioned on the box. So you may feel dizzy and euphoric for some time. 

To prevent hallucination, make sure you take a prescribed dosage only because your doctor may suggest a suitable Ativan dose according to your physiological health. Also, avoid going out alone after taking Ativan


Conclusion Ativan for my anxiety treatment


These were the questions I was looking for while buying Ativan. However, do not completely depend on this information and ask your doctor first. Because the doctor will take you through a few tests and then recommend a suitable dosage according to your age, sex, and medical history. 


Plus, it will show you some side-effects as well so ask your doctor if your body is capable to bear it or not.


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