Football players use painkillers

Do you think American Football players use painkillers during covid 19?

Do you think American Football players use painkillers during covid 19?


Covid-19 has been unpredictable every day; game sessions got delayed, the tournament got canceled, and many good players were diagnosed with covid-19 positive. After a worldwide lockdown of 5 months, things are finally getting back to normal with norms.


In terms of American football games, people have waited for a very long time for the season 2020 football match. And due to covid-19 safety, it has become mandatory to follow the precautions to keep players and audience safe. 


For instance, players are getting tests before the match, use precautionary medicines, and quarantine themselves after every game. Although medications help cure the symptoms of covid, where body pain and sore throat are the biggest symptoms. 


However, PAIN is an inseparable part of a football player’s life, and sportsperson is so determined to win, play, and, undoubtedly, require rigorous physical practice. Hence, pain management during the pandemic is tedious and mandatory as well. 


Opioid taking by Rugby players

From NFL Players Association, George Atallah clearly exposed the high usage of painkillers among football players and the impact on their mental health, causing depression and anxiety. Although tramadol is less narcotic and addictive like other opioid medicine, tramadol painkiller is extremely common among players. 


We all know how people are always excited to watch football matches as it is a very popular game in texas. Similarly, rugby is also a famous sport where players need to be fit and healthy, mentally, and physically. 


‘The Hurt’ is the autobiography of Dylan Hartley, a famous rugby player. In his autobiography, he explained his struggling period after a severe injury that bounded him with complete bed rest, and he missed 1320 days of practice. 


Moreover, in his own book, he expressed the nuances of daily practices in a sports life, and it is like a daily meal for a player. He surprises only through that. Therefore, maintaining chronic pain after an injury is not easy, and he took both medical and non-medical help.


In fact, due to coronavirus crises and medical crises, prescription of tramadol painkiller has increased by 20%. According to scientific research, 1.8 million Americans are taking opioids amid the pandemic. It is evident that the data has include players as well. 




The football game in America is a prevalent and exciting sport. But, not everyone can stick with this sport because it involves rigorous physical movements, snatching, running, hopping, and sleepless nights of practice. 


Although physically strong players play and win for their country, they also face injury and a long period of best rest. In most of the less severe injuries, players take opioids to keep themselves active and prepared for tournaments. 


Hence, tramadol, which is light dose and less narcotic, is suitable for American football players. And if we talk about the covid-19 situation, back pain or body pain is a common symptom of it. Thus, if the player interacts with an outsider and exposes such symptoms, it is probably advisable to take opioids. 



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