gifts for Christmas 2020

Best inexpensive gifts for Christmas 2020


It almost one month to go to Christmas 2020, and we can’t keep calm the excitement. Well, yet we have so much to plan for this Christmas like best decorations, cookies, cake baking, shopping, and cleaning, and most importantly, gifts shopping. 


Although, we know how 2020 was filled with anxiety, stress, pandemic, economic crises, and many more disappointments. 


‘But… Life goes on.’


So, we have listed a few more exciting gift ideas for you. 

  • Netflix subscription


We know that this year we will have fewer parties, family get-together, who will need a pair of shoes and clothes to flaunt in front of friends.

Hence, I believe the Netflix subscription of your friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, or your children will be a better gift. 


And you won’t have to rush in the market to find the perfect gift for them. Because everyone loves Netflix, plus, it will run long for a year. So, it will be a worthwhile investment.

  •  For Marvel Lovers


Marvel lovers are always like a child by their heart. So, you can gift them a marvel movie, marvel game, and a toy as well. There are so many marvel statues available like avengers, spiderman, Wonder women, and more. And you can name their hero as a positive sign to begin the new year with positivity and power. 

  • Home-made cookies

Personally, it is my favorite gift. If you do not have a budget for gifts or want to do something different this year, it is the best Christmas gift of 2020. It is also a harmless gift, most likely to be liked present, and cookies are favorite for all. 

  • Frame the memory

2020 was not suitable for everyone due to the pandemic, but I am sure there was must be some precious moment of 2020. Why not embrace that memory? It could be anything related to pandemic memory. Just pick that memory and frame the memory for your friend or family. 


This way, this Christmas will be remembered after ages, and it is costless, but it will need an effort of creativity. 

  • Health and Hygiene


Yes, it is essential to remind your friend, neighbor, or family members of the importance of maintaining hygiene. So, you can give them a family pack of sanitizers and masks. 


You can show some creativity with masks like customizing with quotes, Christmas colors, and more. 




I hope you have liked the list of inexpensive gifts ideas for Christmas 2020. Well, it is not a complete list; it is just a glimpse so you can plan according to your availability and affordability. And my favorite is home-made cookies and Netflix subscriptions. 


However, keep one thing in mind, Christmas is all about bringing happiness and spreading joy with your close ones. So, never feel burdened with gifts, parties, and events. 


You can spend the night of Christmas peacefully. And gifts are just a gesture of love and care. 


So, I believe Christmas eve should be celebrated with pure love and not with materialistic things. 


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