Election Anxiety Disorder

Election Anxiety Disorder

How to cope with Post-Election Anxiety Disorder?

The election is around the corner, and the day is passing through political parties, and the voter population is getting nervous. It is called ‘Election Stress Disorder.’ It is the only time-bound the most population, including media, government, young voters, beginner voters, business corporations, and politicians. 

4As of the Development is entirely dependent on the election and winning parties. 4As are Affordability, Accessibility, Adaptability, and Approachability to get the benefits of food, health, and education. And the winning government applies new rules and maintains a budget for the people. 

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), 68 % of people in the US said 

“The election is a very significant stress source” in 2020. Due to the uncertain pandemic (COVID 19), it has become more crucial to think about the presidential elections’ vote. 

Coping with anxiety during the election is important. Therefore, we have listed a few treatments:

Medical Treatment:

Here, medical treatment means pharmaceutical treatments. And Xanax is the best medicine to treat anxiety in just a few hours. Suppose election anxiety is killing you from inside and won’t let you sleep. You are constantly worried about the election results. Then the Yellow Xanax bar and Xanax bar plays a vital role and gets you a deep sleep. 

You may get the Xanax bar from another name of Alprazolam online. It is high sedative pills belonging to the drug class of benzodiazepine. And it is safe to take for once in a while in case you have temporary anxiety. However, yellow Xanax is also suitable for long term usage till a month, but you need to deal with its adverse effects as well.


Non-medical Treatment


Do not watch TV

The maximum percent of anxiety releases from TV, and the more you get to stick to it, the more anxious you will become. Therefore, keep yourself away during elections and results. Do not consume news and reports.

Cut off Social media.

Social media is the face of society where happiness outside you gets each bit of information while sitting at home. You get to hear people’s thoughts and views, and if it is not favoring your thoughts, that may make you more anxious. 

These days, Twitter is convenient and trendy; therefore, try to avoid using that. 

Take a short break

Well, elections and post-election are not going anywhere soon. Therefore you need to run away as quickly as possible. Try to go out with family and friends to top hills or just nearby places. Trust me; it will help you divert your thought process.


Despite that, your anxiety is getting worse so try to get proper treatment from:


  • Your doctor or health care provider
  • Also, you can take help from the Mental illness webpage from the National Institute of Mental Health
  • SAMHSA (Sub Abuse & Mental health Svcs Admin) online behavioral health treatment services locator is the best.
  • Also, take help from community health centers, local or state mental health associations

 Conclusion Election Anxiety Disorder

Well, Election Stress Disorder is temporary and you will be fine soon. But if not. Then these medical and non-medical treatments will definitely be helpful to you. But you need to be patient and calm throughout the treatment. 


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