Do Not Stigmatise ADHD!. Learn how to easily TREAT ADHD IN YOUR CHILD.

Social stigma is a bigger problem than ADHD, in fact, ADHD is easy to cure, but anxiety from stigma is hard to detect.

What if you don’t know your child has ADHD?

Systems of ADHS are very easy to observe within a week. If you think your child, who is above six years, faces problems to work and his/her cognitive development is prolonged, then speak up. Ask your child, observe the symptoms, and consult a doctor. Because the more you ignore the symptoms of ADHD, the more your child feels complexity as it can lead to other mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder.

A child’s age is very complicated; after they are young and want to explore more and growing up to teenage, it becomes more complicated. A teenager is more conscious of his/her career option, peer pressure, social acceptance, and love/relationship. It is the age where your child needs your support.


What is ADHD?

ADHD is a common and genetic mental disorder among children adults. It is known as Attention-Deficit/hyperactive disorder. In this situation, a person gets violent, impulsive behavior that makes you embarrassed in public. On the other side, your child fails to consent to one study. He/she receives the lowest marks in the exam, and the teacher always complains to your child. Your child only loves to play but lacks cognitive thinking, remembering, and more. ADHD is an umbrella that is big enough to cover a lot of symptoms.

How to diagnose ADHD?

If you feel your child has ADHD, then get a doctor’s appointment instantly. A doctor who is a psychologist or neurologist and a child expert can only identify the severity of ADHD in your child.

They have a series of mental test which includes psychometric test, psychoanalyses. These tests help doctors work on human cognitive, behavioral, and emotional development and based on these tests, and doctors give appropriate treatment. So, these treatments could be medical and non-medical as well.

Best non-medical therapy to treat ADHD

Behavioral therapy (BT) is one of the best techniques to help a child to behave properly. The doctor/psychologist only gives behavioral therapies.

In this method, the child learns to act in different social situations such as school and home. This method involves role-play, story writing, exercise, Q/A, talking sessions and painting, drawing. A person draws or writes whatever he/she feels, and once they are ready to let that out, they are ready to improve their behavior.

Best medical therapy to treat ADHD

Adderall is the best treatment of ADHD that is the best pharmaceutical solution for adults, children, and teenagers as well. Doctors recommend Adderall generic as suitable to the health because it is available in multiple varieties such as Adderall XR and Adderal IR.

It may appear some side-effects on your body; therefore, doctors do not prescribe this medicine for more than a month.


ADHD is a common problem these days, hence people should not shame. You can treat ADHD with a month or a year it depends on how regular you take treatments. Taking both medical and non-medical treatments are beneficial. 

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