Xanax bar before buying while Traveling 

Xanax bar before buying while Traveling 

Know everything about Xanax bar before buying while Traveling 


If you are traveling overseas and want to buy Xanax but you are unaware of the place and market then do not fool yourself. You can buy Xanax pills anywhere but you need to that it also comes in duplicate forms. Let’s take a look.


What are the different types of Xanax bars?


Xanax is a medicine primarily recommended to treat anxiety disorder and panic attacks. It belongs to the benzodiazepine drug class which acts in brain receptors (GABA). With the help of a stimulus chemical substance, a person can feel calm and sober within a few minutes. 


This medicine shows the fastest results in the body that is why Xanax is the widely used medicine in the medical industry. 


A single dose of the body leaves out the system in 3 days. Till that time, Xanax may reveal some side-effects which are not suitable for our health. 


Anxiety, mental illness, depression are the major problems these days. Because of the economic crisis, relationship issues, low income, and whatnot. And to seek help, Xanax is one of the easily available medicine. And Xanax comes in different forms and strengths to satisfy the larger population. 


Dose of Xanax 

Xanax bars are available in a different color with different strengths. Although all of them work similarly to treat anxiety but have slighter individuality. Alprazolam sold under the name of Xanax. Rectangular shaped Xanax contains 2mg per dose which can be divided into 1mg and 0.5mg.


Green Xanax pills: It comes in green color with a rectangular shaped, oval, and triangular-shaped. We can say that the strength is similar to white and yellow Xanax bars in 2mg and 3mg. 

Pink Xanax pills: Pink Xanax 0.5mg is a common medication for anxiety treatment. And this one also acts similarly to other Xanax forms.

White Xanax Pills: This one comes in 2mg which is the highest dose of the drug. 

Yellow Xanax Bar: This is a generic form of Xanax bars. There is an imprint of 039 and it has 2mg strength. Yellow colors depict the different companies of manufacturing. 

Blue Xanax Bar: Blue Xanax comes in 1mg strength which is dividable into half of the 0.5mg dose.

Why is Xanax abused and what is a Xanax bar?

Xanax is a popularly-used medication in the United States. And this medication is also getting popular among teenagers and young adults. After taking the medicine, you will feel calm and relaxed. But, regular consumption of Xanax leads to unwanted side-effects. And these side-effects can turn into health risk factors. With this, Xanax addiction is very high among teenagers and young adults. 

These are the symptoms of Xanax addictions:


  • Not able to stop the consumption of Xanax pills
  • Loss of interest in hobbies 
  • Being obsessed with Xanax usage
  • Taking risks
  • The feeling of hunger of the medicine
  • Take medicine before going to sleep


Because of its stimulus substance which acts in the brain makes a person addicted, 


Why are fake Xanax bars stronger?

Fake Xanax bars look similar to generic Xanax bars. And many people in the US have lost their lives due to fake Xanax. These fake profiles of Xaxan don’t manufacture under the proper guidance. The original form of Xanax is only given on the doctor’s prescription. 


Which is the strongest Xanax pill?

Every pill works similarly however Yellow Xanax Bar is heavy and recommendable in most severe cases.

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