Yellow Xanax Bar

Yellow Xanax Bar

Yellow Xanax Bar: A way to Least Anxious Life

Have you heard about school buses? besides, this is a pretty common name for the medicine on the street. This medication is a Yellow Xanax bar, moreover a brand name for Alprazolam 2 mg. Further, this medicine comes in Yellow color with R 0 3 9 imprint and rectangular shape. Further, Actavis manufactures it. You can treat anxiety, panic disorder, and depression with this medication. Moreover, it belongs to the family of medicines named benzodiazepines. FDA has classified this medication under the control substance act as a schedule IV class.

Besides, alprazolam 2 mg is a short-acting tranquilizer of the benzdiapendine family group. Additionally, it works by enhancing the working of GABA receptors. Further, Yellow Xanax Bar starts to work within 15-20 minutes, and moreover keeps a person calm for two to eleven hours. However, it is more potent than white or green tablets.

What is the dosage of Yellow Xanax Bar?

The dosage for different treatment depends on the age factor:

  1. The dosage for Anxiety in adults for Immediate-release oral tables is 0.25 mg to 0.5 mg three times a day. Moreover, the maximum dosage is 4 mg per day.
  2. Additionally,  the Adult dosage for Panic Disorder for immediate-release oral tablets is 0.5 mg orally three times per day. However, the maximum dosage should not exceed 10 mg a day.
  3. Moreover, the dosage for Anxiety in Geriatric Elderly or incapacitated patients for Immediate-release oral tablets is 0.25 mg. However, you can take it two or three times every day.
  4. For Geriatric Dosage for treating Panic Disorder in Elderly or weakened patients for Immediate-release oral tablets. Additionally, the initial dosage is 0.25 mg orally two or three times a day.
  5. Also, if you are consuming Extended-release tablets, it is 0.5 mg orally per day.


What are some side effects of Yellow Xanax Bar?

Commonly reported side effects of alprazolam include:

  1. Ataxia,
  2. Mental dysfunction,
  3. Constipation,
  4. Depression,
  5. Trouble in micturition,
  6. Lethargy,
  7. Dysarthria,
  8. Exhaustion,
  9. Headache,
  10. Recollection impairment,
  11. Menstrual infection,
  12. Nervousness,
  13. Numb state,
  14. Skin rash,
  15. Shake,
  16. Weight gain,
  17. Weight loss,
  18. Anxiety,
  19. Blurry vision,
  20. Diarrhea,
  21. Sleeplessness,
  22. Reduced libido,
  23. Enlarged appetite,
  24. Irritability, and
  25. Declined appetite.


Other side effects include:

  1. Depersonalization,
  2. Hyperventilation,
  3. Hypoesthesia,
  4. Hypotension,
  5. Paraesthesia,
  6. Sexual ailment,
  7. Sialorrhea,
  8. Muscle trembling, and
  9. Improved libido.
  1. Among a group of four seniors, every one senior is addicted or using a yellow Xanax bar. Further, 31% student population who abuse drugs are addicted to Yellow Xanax bar or some other kind of benzodiazepine.
  2. Moreover, Mothers breastfeeding or pregnant if abuses this medicine. It can lead to harm to the child. Additionally, it might affect his fetal developmental problems.
  3. Although, if mixed with alcohol, Yellow Xanax Bar could lead to a passive state. You can also pass out, have no recall of the last events or worst blackouts.
  4. Moreover, avoid consuming intoxicants while on treatment. Further, it may lead to harmful effects and can also cause serious harm to your body.


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