Some Warnings of Xanax

Some Warnings of Xanax


My Professor secretly takes Xanax. 


It is an incident of when I was in college and in my final year. I was in English literature, and we were practicing for the Shakespeare poem to perform on our annual times.

That time, I met the Professor who taught about this incredible play and helped us learn the emotions behind the acts with our past and expertise.

Some Warnings of Xanax

Although we all know how Shakespeare’s stories have a beautiful love story with so much hidden pain to understand.

So the Professor is the master of unraveling the emotion behind the story must be because he has some cruel life history. 

He is dusky and has a fine jawline to adore with mysterious dark eyes, and his hair looks perfect like he doesn’t sleep at all. He enters in the last few months before an annual day, and clearly, he entered with a sarcastic eye and picked only a few of us to perform the play.

His behavior was strange like other Professor he feels dizzy many times and drinks a lot even after every class. 

One day we found out he has cancer, that’s why he takes pills to be happy and acts lively in front of the class and for his family. The other saddest part is that his wife was cheating on him and his daughter turned out to be a lesbian in his mid-teenage. 

He’s taking on the illicit use of Xanax is not questionable if he is going through all these problems. But the best part about him was he was kind to us and gentle, and he helped us till his last breath. 

From where he used to buy Xanax?

As I mentioned, he was kind and gentle with every and used to teach us a lesson to live life to the fullest at once, made all of us arrange those drugs for him. Because that is what we know, A person who has never smoked in life has diagnosed with lung cancer, so a simple of benzo is trying to facilitate him in his last few days. 

He used to buy Xanax online and from a college student who used to make a cheap deal for him every day. Although ProfessorProfessor knew his condition, and he is mature enough to control his hunger and side-effects. 

Some Warnings of Xanax?

I can give some Some Warnings of Xanax suggestion if you’re on the same page as the professor because I have constantly been with him. Thus, I can suggest:

First of all, do not keep yourself alone if you are on this medication. Because Xanax can bring some bad effects and your body and mind may separate the coordination so you need someone to support you.

Also, do not take Xanax with alcohol because alcohol intoxication is worse than any drug, and both at a time explode the body and mind.

Besides, Always inform your family and friends if you are taking Xanax like medicine or pill because they should know.

Also, ask your doctor which form and dosage of Xanax you are taking because forms come in order Xanax 2mg, Xanax 3mg, and Xanax 1mg. Or if you tend to buy yellow Xanax online



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