New cause of Anxiety

New cause of Anxiety

Will night curfew be a new cause of Anxiety?

We are grateful to God that in this era, we survived somehow. Yes, it isn’t easy to stay, but at least we survived, and we are sitting right there alive. Stay stick to the end of the article to know how to overcome anxiety with xanax medication.

As you know and actually we all know that this past year 2019- 2020, was so much difficult for all of us or all over the world. 

In these years, there was a coronavirus which is an unprecedented pandemic. And the pandemic causes so many problems for all of us. 

As we know, because of increasing cases of covid-19, the government-held lockdown. And the pandemic causes both economic and mental illness. But luckily, Xanax medicine can manage all symptoms of mental health disorders.

People get isolated in their houses, and the whole county gets unemployed. And the world stops as never before. 

Although, people were locked in their house, facing unemployment, other mental health issues. Or closing the school and colleges cause children and youngers to live in difficulty. 

Although, the covid-19 is a disease that is caused by a new coronavirus. 

This Virus spreads between people, especially when an infected person is in close contact with the other person. 

Also, this virus spreads through discharge from the nose or droplets of saliva when an infected person coughs or sneezes.

Covid-19 made people’s minds in a fearful state. Besides, every person thinks if they were coughing. Or they have viral or facing some other kind of disease. 

Why people feel anxiety 

Plus, people feel the coronavirus infects them and that is the feeling of fear.

It is only a severe disease.  Additionally, fear of having coronavirus causes many other conditions.

Besides, after deciding to hold lockdown we got to succeed. Thus, the rising cases of covid get stopped, and everyone gets treated well. 

But eventually now, when the lockdown was open. Also things got back to normal. The number of covid cases is also getting higher day by day. 

Alongside, the higher cases cause lots of deaths. And the environment gets affected, which is not suitable for everyone. 

We do not want to see the pandemic year again. That scene was so horoffic. 

It is heartbreaking to see how every person is affected by the Virus, and most of them die every second. 


Why night curfew in 2021?


Also, must control these from turning into significant damage. The government says “that they are so worried about every citizen. But they can not hold lockdown again. 

Thus, because of the damage they got over the whole period,  they still can not get out of it. 

Moreover, instead of lockdown, they said, they will make a rule where no one gets out of their house at that time.”

The government allowed and set the time to make a curfew where people stay at their house. And by doing this, they were trying to hold back on covid cases. 


Also, they set a night curfew which is 10 pm to 5 am. 

However, in this time, through the night and the early morning, people are not allowed to go out at that time.

Reports often say WHO takes the impact of the crisis on people’s mental health very seriously.

And alongside the WHO monitoring the situation together with the national authorities. While providing information to governments.

However, it was surprising to hear, but yes, night curfew is a new cause of Anxiety. 

The adults and the children are already suffering from anxiety. Those are more likely to increase their symptoms of constant worry and fear. 

Although, experiencing feelings of stress and fear during a pandemic causes anxiety. And other mental health disorders.


Such as a fear of feeling dying, a fear of their relatives dying, or a fear of what it means to receive medical treatment. 

Therefore, everyone gets worried about every activity which is happening surrounded by them. And thus, this causes them Anxiety. 


How to overcome anxiety with Xanax?


Also, Xanax is a prescription medication to give a person with Anxiety. Although, this medicine works on the Central Nervous System to produce a calming effect and also reduce the symptoms of anxiety. 

This medicine may help you to recover fast from all your symptoms of Anxiety.

Experts and doctors prescribe Xanax bars 2 mg to give your mind relaxation or make your brain calm.



The pandemic year makes it challenging to face everything. The pandemic creates so much fear and causes many mental disorders. That people’s health gets worse. 

Thus gladly, we can manage these symptoms with the help of Xanax, which is a prescription stimulant.


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