In the last couple of years, the whole world’s population has faced drastic changes in their lifestyle, which are still in progress. We are in a worldwide pandemic, with many places partially shut down or others struggling to reopen safely. There are many places where the coronavirus infection rates are getting worse, and some are bracing for what may come next and how to endure it.

The majority of the people are cooped up with their worries and anxiety for a long. In such a grave situations, we need to take care of our physical health and mental health, which is essential for a better life. According to stats, there are over 75% of people around the world diagnosed with anxiety or depression symptoms.



A family have people with the various mindset and so will be their anxiety and negative thoughts. Children who love to be outside are prone to get irritated to be bond and often, this frustration may come as fits of anger. Teenagers and young adults who are more focused on their future may get anxious and often worry about themselves. Then home men are more prone to get aggressive or short-tempered at minor things, and women are more prone to laziness, throw tantrums and self-blame.


  • Keep negative thoughts at bay. It’s general to think about what you are losing or lost but instead of repeating the negative aspects in your mind, look for positivity.
  • Stay informed of what is going around but don’t stick to the pandemic news every time. Please read what is necessary to follow but don’t keep depressing yourself by looking at it 24/7.
  • Stay away from fake news. Don’t randomly believe and forward any news without knowing its truth or not.
  • If you have people around you or found social media buzzing with negative a sympathetic messages every time, which is fueling your anxiety, then avoid them. An old saying has stated that “Out of the sight out of mind”.
  • Panic is the last thing you should not do for your sake and your family. Keep calm and handle the pandemic and problems practically.


  1. Focus on the things you can control!


In this worldwide coronavirus outburst, there are so many things outside of our control. We often reach the internet with many queries and questions that are quite illogical, and poor Google can’t also answer the questions like “when this pandemic will end?” Instead of looking for answers which are out of your range and human capability, reach out for positive things like pursuing some long-lost hobbies or some new hobbies you get. It is also possible that you may found a whole new passion which can make your life. Many things are now possible online. Though the physical world has paused, you may explore the virtual world.

Find ways to exercise!

Exercise helps you release anxiety and to feel fresh, and to manage your mood. If you’re stuck at home, look at online videos you can follow and if you can go out, try cycling or go on a hike. There are many exercises you can do at home without needing any professional equipment.

Start doing yoga as it doesn’t just help your body feel good, but it also cleanses the soul. You don’t need any equipment to do most of the yoga asana, and it’s relatively easy to do with the best benefits all over.

Plan practically what you can!


It’s natural to be concerned about things, especially in this situation of pandemics. There are many possibilities of things that can happen and are scary to think about, but being practical and planning things can help to relieve some stress. You can start writing your worries and problems in the journal or make a list of all possible solutions you can think of, concentrate on things you can control rather than circumstances beyond the control and stress yourself more.

Stay in contact ( virtually)!

Social distancing is essential for you and the people around you but distancing from people isn’t good. Physically you can’t be together, but virtually, you can. Humans are social animals, and isolation can trigger anxiety, loneliness and even can cause depression. Therefore, it is essential to stay connected, if not physically but virtually supporting and reaching out to each other in this dire situation. The biggest thing that most people can do right now is making a positive difference in society yet be healthy and safe themselves.

Social media can be beneficial and powerful and to feel greatly connected with friends, family and acquaintances.

Make it a priority to reach out and to stay in touch with your loved ones. But remember not to consume any information that can trigger your thoughts, and be mindful of using social media for positive interaction.

  1. Don’t forget yourself!


You are reaching out to everyone and helping and support them as much as you could, but in all this, don’t forget to take care of your own body and mind. It’s amazing to help everyone but not by causing disruptions to oneself. Be kind to yourself and remember you are not alone; outline as best as possible and try to follow; this can help you maintain a sense of normalcy. Start doing activities you enjoy, watch a movie, read a book, try baking something. It doesn’t matter if you are good at it or not as long as it takes away your worries. Try online medication to help sleep you better or to help you destress and to feel light.



The Pandemic is taking an emotional, physical and mental toll on everyone. It’s a frightening time because we all are amid a worldwide pandemic. Everyone is struggling in some ways, and it’s too overwhelming for most of us, but there are many things you can do to manage your anxiety and focus on things you can control. Plan for what you can do and stay connected virtually even when physically isolated. Be kind to yourself and others and take out times for activities you enjoy. Donate and reach out to people in need but don’t forget to take care of yourself first.




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