Opioids: Are they lifesavers or life takers

Opioids: Are they lifesavers or life takers?


If you are looking for the answer, are opioids lifesavers or life takers? So, opioids can be a lifesaver and life taker at the same time. Question triggers, how? If the opioids are used for the directed primary objective on the prescribed terms, they seem highly effective. In such scenarios, they work like lifesavers. They work on medical conditions like moderate to severe pain in adults.

In contrast, when you take the opioids for a prolonged duration or misuse for getting high, opioids can be highly dangerous for mental and physical health. In such scenarios, they seem like a life taker. There is so much else to know before using the prescription opioids like TramadolOxyContin, and others.

Let’s begin with some fast facts about opioids- 


  • In general terms, medical authorities assign opioids for the management of moderate to severe pain in adults.
  • The most prescribed prescription opioids are tramadol, OxyContin, oxycodone, Percocet, and methadone
  • Long-term consumption, abusing, and using opioids without the doctor’s prescription can result in dependency and health issues. 
  • Opioids effects hold the potential to cause breathing difficulties, and opioid overdose can lead to death. 
  • As per the worldwide drug survey, there are 0.5 million deaths seen each year due to drug use. While 70% of total death takes place due to opioids, the reason behind the 30% of deaths is opioid overdose. 
  • At present times, there is a multitude of treatments available to deal with opioid addiction and dependence. However, only 10% of people are getting the treatment. 
  • There is a medication named naloxone that can prevent death from overdose if used at the right time. 


What are opioids used for? 

opioids can be a lifesaver
opioids can be a lifesaver

As per the guidelines of the FDA, opioids are generally directed for the management of ongoing moderate to severe pain in adults. However, as a secondary treatment, opioids can deal with other medical conditions such as coughing and diarrhea as secondary treatment. Although, for each objective, the doctor directs the opioids for short-term treatment. The long-term use of opioids can be dangerous due to outcomes like addiction and other side effects. Therefore, you should use opioids for the recommended duration to avoid such disputes.

Suppose you take this medication for the objectives non listed above, which will be indicated as the misuse. Misusing such potent medications can put your life at risk of meeting death. However, numerous people around the globe use opioids for the goals like getting high. And the reason behind its misuse, it releases the euphoria properties in the system that leads the person high. Besides, when you use opioids for such aims, it leads to withdrawal like addiction, overdose, and death. Therefore, don’t use the opioids for any additional goals; otherwise, you are prone to meet such negative results.

Heroin is one of the most hazardous opioids that is not permissible to use in the united states due to lethal outcomes. Although, there are some other opioids available in the USA, such as tramadol, OxyContin, oxycodone, Percocet, and hydrocodone, to treat the medical conditions.


How do people abuse opioids? 


 Opioids (tramadol and OxyContin) seem effective and practical when taken in the appropriate way and manner. Although, opioids generally assist in dealing with moderate to severe pain in adults. There are some ways that people adopt to abuse opioids-like tramadol, OxyContin, oxycodone, and Percocet. Although, doing so is highly dangerous and can result in abrupt death. In case if you are taking any opioid in a below-listed way so that will be abusing, for example-


  • When you take the dosage in more than the prescribed amount.
  • Heightening the dose without the approval of the doctor.
  • Using the medication in a different manner than recommended.
  • Using someone else’s prescription to get the medication.
  • Having the dosage more frequently to get high.
  • Snorting, chewing or crushing the tablet.

Although, the results of such practices can be death. Therefore, get the medical consultation right away before developing an addiction if you use the prescription in an above-listed way. You can control the risk of meeting the addiction if you seek medical attention at the right moment without any delay. If you continue inappropriately using the opioid, you will be accountable for the upcoming ends.


What are the common effects released by prescription opioids on the brain and body? 


Generally, opioids work in a definitive safe procedure when used for short-term treatment under the doctor’s norms. However, opioids can lead to some common effects within a short period as well. It happens because the body reacts differently to new substances and takes time to create tolerance. These common effects might be-


  • Drowsiness,
  • Confusion,
  • Nausea,
  • Constipation,
  • Euphoria
  • Slowed breathing

As mentioned earlier, opioids can affect and slow your breathing rate that can result in hypoxia. Hypoxia is a medical condition that happens when the amount of oxygen gets low. Hypoxia can lead to long-term and short-term outcomes like coma, brain damage, and death.

Pregnancy and use of opioid-like tramadol and OxyContin- 

Opioids use  doesn’t seem during the phase of pregnancy and nursing. Usage of opioids during the listed phases can turn up the chances of dependency in the infant and withdrawals after birth. Besides, medication like tramadol and others during the pregnancy can result in miscarriage and low birth weight.

If you are running under the addiction of opioids, there are multitudes of treatments available that can help out. Doctors assign Methadone and buprenorphine medications to treat opioid addiction in pregnant women.

Despite the restriction, if you take any opioids, you will be accountable for future shots. Subsequently, the doctor may assign you some other treatment options that meet your health bars.


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