Obstacle remover Xanax bar

Obstacle remover: Xanax bar

Obstacle remover: Xanax bar

Hello,  my name is Kennith, and I want to share my story about anxiety and how I got rid of it rep by rep.


I like being fit, but it is not always the physical fitness that counts. To be healthy, a person needs to be mentally fit too. Unfortunately, I was reasonably overweight in my early teens, and there was no sense of self-confidence in me.

Because of the weight, there were many instances where I was bullied and body shamed. At first, it was okay, but after some time, these things piled up, and at this point, the humiliation was unbearable.

I always liked basketball, and I loved the heat of the game. However, the most remarkable thing for me was when Kobe Bryant hit those lovely fade-away three-pointers. BTW rest in peace, Kobe. I used to go to the basketball court, but people also used to call me names, because of which I left playing.

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This body was not doing me any good, and it was the time when I had to decide whether to step up and make things good or to let things remain as it is.

I started running and doing all sorts of exercises hoping that one day I could look good. It was the motivation that kicked me out of my bed, but it was temporary, and within a week, I was back to the same old miserable me.

About two months passed and now I prefer staying in my room to going out. I did not feel comfortable going out and meeting people. My parents were worried about me, and they decided to take me to a doctor.

The local physician diagnosed me and suggested my parents take me to a psychiatrist because of my situation. And as directed, we went to the psychiatrist the very next day.

When I got there, the doctor thoroughly diagnosed me and asked questions about my current mindset and prior experiences; She was so humble that I completely opened up and told her everything I was going through.

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In the end, she concluded that I have social phobia and a starting phase of panic disorder. She prescribed me some anti-anxiety medicines and told me to come back from regular checkups.

I went home and researched that medicine; Me came across that it was Xanax bars specially used to treat anxiety and panic disorders. 

I started taking the pills, and I saw the results almost instantly; it made me calmer, and the feeling of insecurity faded away. Now I needed to put away the weight that I was carrying all those years. 

I joined a nearby gym; when I first went there, I panicked and went straight home because there were so many people working out, which was intimidating for me.

I was still very conscious about my body, so; I started taking Xanax bars before going to the gym. It helped me very much. It suppressed my anxiety and helped me to start my fitness journey. 

Although I am not using Xanax now, it helped me achieve what I wanted in my life. Now I live free from the mental and physical barriers that were hindering my progress in life.



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