Autism spectrum disorder

Autism spectrum disorder

Autism: A danger for a child with which things does not remain normal 

What happens when we see a child is suffering from autism? We have a deep rooted sympathy for that child. Although many people or children in school can make fun of him/her but as a human everyone must sympathise. If you do not sympathise with them you can never be regarded as a human being. You should show love and respect to them. 

But let us not discuss all these. Do you know what autism is? If not then in this article we would discuss this thing only. Read it and know a little bit about it. 

Autism spectrum disorder : A little concept 

A disorder or what you can call a problem. A problem with which a child faces some worse condition. Here what happens is that a child behaves abnormally. After seeing that child many people feel irritated. It is due to their abnormal antiques. But as we said, you should sympathise with those children and have love and respect. 

For instance, a child with autism is asking foolish and immature questions. Or that child knows nothing about the situation and behaving in an uncertain way. So this is what autism is all about. You can call it a basic knowledge. 

What happens after a child faces autism? 

Now we also must understand what are the things that take place after a child suffers from autism. If you understand this thing then half of the things would be cleared. They are mentioned below. Just go through them and make yourself clear and transparent. 

  • No direct eye-to-eye contact- A child who faces autism does not have a direct eye-to-eye contact. They ignore doing it and have their mind distracted somewhere else. This is the way people get irked with them. And after that, they are being ignored by many of the people. 
  • Saying a certain thing lately- For example, if a child wants to say something he/she cannot say. That child can say but would say it lately. It may also happen that he/she may not remember. This is what you can call a very bad sign of autism. Not only a sign but also a symptom. 
  • Making a little bit upset- A child makes himself/herself upset for small things. Suppose a cup is broken or a coffee spills. Here what would happen is that the child would feel so sad that something bad happened. So you can conclude that it is also a very bad sign. 
  • Obsessed with imaginary things- You would also observe that a child with autism is observed with imaginary things. It can be like a character from any superhero movie. Or even things like magic, ghosts and many other things. From a young age, only obsession with these things is never meant to be good. 
  • Unfavourable reactions to certain things- Another thing is that there can also be unfavourable reactions from an autistic kid. He may give you a reaction that he is hating the smell in such a way like you have shitted in front of him. Or it can also happen that the child hates something more. 
  • Not understanding a few things- They also do not understand a few things. Suppose if you tell them something it may take time for them to understand. So you have to explain to them a bit more about that thing. Or else you can tell them with sign language or by hand to hand communications. 
  • Taking bad jokes seriously- It may also happen that you are cracking bad jokes in front of an autistic kid. Here what happens is that he/she takes the joke seriously and feels bad. This is what makes the child sad and he/she also cries. As a parent, you have to encourage your child and say not to give importance to these rubbish jokes.  
  • Laughing and smiling unnecessary- Another thing is that an autistic kid laughs and smiles unnecessarily. Even if there is nothing to laugh at. That child would come in front of you and give a smile. This is what seems a little bit abnormal. We do not tolerate this thing and want to get rid of that child. 
  • Enjoyment of unpleasant behaviours- Last but not the least, is that they always enjoy unpleasant behaviours. Unpleasant behaviour can be like unnecessarily clapping, hand to hand reactions and many more. In this situation, you can take your children to a counsellor and tell them the problem. 

Autism test 

See you may find it bitter to hear but it is true. If your child is autistic take him/her to a doctor. That never shows that it is a sign of abnormality. The doctor saves your child from becoming abnormal. And take it in your mind that it is the best solution. Take your child to a doctor and the doctor will only tell you what you can do to make your child perfect. 

Never let him/her understand that he is about to be abnormal. Your doctor will treat him/her in such a manner through which your child can see a new world. The child can also explore the strength. Not only the strength but also explore a few new things. So please make sure that you take your child to a doctor. 

A recent report 

We have found a recent report. In that recent report, we found that at least 90% of the children in the US are autistic. They are suffering from autism and are not getting a way to get rid of it. No one knows what is going to happen to them in future. If this continues then things can get out of hand. 

And the doctors also have to come up with a solution. It is because today the child is autistic tomorrow he/she may end up becoming abnormal. So as per the latest opinion doctors must come up with something exceptional. Because a life with autism is impossible. A child is being ignored and faces a lot of derogatory comments. 


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