Dyslexia is a learning disability

Dyslexia: A problem for a young child 


Just think that a 6 or 7 year child cannot read. Forget reading, he/she cannot even recognize the alphabet. For example, if you are showing that child A he/she assumes it is a mountain or something else. Have you ever known what it is referred to as? It is none but dyslexia. You can refer to it as a disorder that takes place in children.

A child with dyslexia cannot read or write. The reason being he/she is not familiar with any letters. For them, the letters are either dancing or they are in an imaginary world. We can never discriminate with these children or ignore them. As a human being our work is to nurture them and take them to the path of their success. 

What is Dyslexia? 

A special or an unknown disability that has an impact on a child’s brain. People think that a child with dyslexia is a fool or an idiot. If you think so then please erase this thought. Because with dyslexia a child is not able to recognize any alphabets or numbers. A child cannot read a word that is written somewhere. 

You know a person with dyslexia could not recognize the number 7. He used to refer to it as the reversed nose of his uncle. In various movies also we have seen about dyslexia. See you do not need to visit a doctor or go for any treatment to cure this disorder. You can be beside your child and understand the problem that he/she is going through. 

Dyslexia Statistics 

As we know, ADHD is already present in the United States. So now when it comes to Dyslexia this disorder is also there. You know approximately millions of people are suffering from dyslexia. Not adults but only children of young age. The age group starts from 6 and continues till 10. 

And we have often seen that it has a connection with the family. If the child’s parent had been a victim of dyslexia then today he/she will also become. This thing has already been observed in most of the cases. You would not believe it but it is true that many famous personalities have also been victims of it. 

What happens with dyslexia? 

Now we must know what happens to a child who has dyslexia. Once we are aware of this particular thing we would get sufficient knowledge. 

  • Talking a little bit lately- First sign is that a child talks a bit lately. The reason being he/she does not understand what is going to take place. This is the reason why he/she is unable to talk. People often get irritated with their presence. Many doctors are looking for a solution to it. 
  • Unable to learn alphabets- A child who visits play school if he/she is having dyslexia is not able to learn alphabets. The teacher teaches him/her ABCD or some new alphabets. But they are out of their minds. This is the reason for dyslexia. You have to look forward to a child with such a thing. 
  • Being in an imaginary world- A child with dyslexia also stays in an imaginary world. The child thinks that the letters are roaming around. They are dancing or swinging. In other words, you can call it a dream world. And you know for this particular reason they are scolded by their teachers. 
  • Unable to recognize numbers- Last but not least, is that a child is not able to recognize numbers. The numbers seem unfamiliar to them. For them, the numbers float over the water. They recognize 8 as one egg above the other one. And there are many other examples of it. 

How to overcome dyslexia? 

Now in order to overcome dyslexia you need to follow the points mentioned below. If you are aware of these points you would not have any problems. It would be the best option for your children. 

  • Visit a doctor- The first thing that you can do is to visit a doctor. Make an appointment with a doctor and tell that your child is suffering from dyslexia. Once you tell the problem there would be a quick solution. It may be a medicine or any treatment. The treatment can be a longer process. 
  • Take your child to a counsellor- See it is not necessary that you take your child to a doctor. Even if you want you can also take him/her to a counsellor. Doing this is the right option. A counsellor will give the best suggestion to your child. The person will tell you what your child can do in order to get rid of this disorder. 
  • Always motivate your child- You can also spend time with your children as it is the most suitable option. Because at the end of the day the parents turn out to be the real hero. So be a real hero and see how your child is facing the problem. Try to understand and play the role of a caring father/mother. 
  • Rectify the weak points- You also need to rectify the weak points of your children. If your child is making a mistake somewhere, always see to it. See where did he/she go wrong. And what you can do to improve him/her. Point out the error of a child when you see that he/she is making a mistake in writing the alphabets. 
  • Never give a bad realisation- It may happen that your child is being discriminated. Not only this he/she is being isolated from the other students in school. So in this instance, what you can do is to say something positive. Give a positive vibe and encourage them to do the best things. 
Success stories of people who once became a victim of dyslexia 

We would tell you some success stories of people who were once victims of dyslexia. But you know today they are very successful and turned into famous personalities. Hear their stories and see how motivational they are. 

  • Steven Spielberg- If you are familiar with the Jurassic Park or Indiana Jones series you might have heard his name. The world famous director was a victim of dyslexia at the age of 6. Every child in his school used to tease him. Not only this he was thrown out of his college. But you know the negative instances of his life taught him a lot. He learnt from those instances and got some motivation. This is the way he started his career donning the hat of a screenwriter. Then after that, he stepped into the shoes of a director. Today you see he is the best director in Hollywood. 
  • Albert Einstein- Just think that whenever we talk about any experiments the name Albert Einstein revolves in our mind. You know, even he was a victim of dyslexia. He had a lot of problems understanding spelling. Not only this but even grammar. But the moment he developed his interest in science his life took a brilliant turn. He became a genius and his theory of relativity is remembered by the whole world. No one forgot his name and today he is known as the most genius person. So if he can then your child can also do it. 
  • Whoopi Goldberg- This Oscar and Emmy awardee actress does not require any further introduction. You might have seen her in various movies. You know in school her classmates used to call her a mentally retarded girl. But her parents were always with her. They were her life support. Although, she went for some diagnosis but never lost any hope. So this is the same thing that you can do for your child. Believe it or not but it would be the most preferred option. Not a necessary diagnosis but being beside your children. 
  • Tom Holland- The new generation Spiderman whom we all know. We have seen him in the get-up of Spiderman. But little do we know about him. Because behind this happy face there is a hidden sorrow. You know he used to make ample grammatical errors. Except for this, his spellings were awful. There were always mistakes in his spelling. This fact has never been hidden. People talk about it as it is circulated on most of the social media platforms. He is born and brought up as an English man. But he has to learn the new accent as a Spiderman. 
  • Jennifer Anniston- If you have seen the series Friends you might know her. Yes, you are right she is Rachel Green. Can you just believe it that she also had reading problems? She reminisces her childhood days. One of the interviews she opened up about this thing. Her statement “Whatever was taught in the class, I could never relate to that”. But you know she got a better diagnosis and treatment for dyslexia. It was a better experience for her. After her treatment she became normal and no one teased her anymore. It was a learning experience for her. 

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