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Erectile dysfunction: Know its major causes

Do you often encounter setbacks on the bed to satisfy your partner? The sex life is no more driving you crazy than it was before. However, several reasons may contribute to unhealthy sexual drive in males. For example-

Erectile dysfunction

  • Stress- The short-term stress associated with work, daily life challenges, and personal issues affect the sexual drive.
  • Fatigue- Daily hectic schedule can also affect the sexual drive by making you mentally and physically exhausted.
  • Relationship troubles- Distance, fights, ego, and miscommunication can also affect the sex drive between the couples.

Maintaining the spark in the sex drive over time gets tough. One of the major issues encountered by males is erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction becomes the reason for being embarrassed in front of the partner and leads to separation and distance. Untreated sexual dysfunctions also contribute to other medical conditions such as anxiety and mental exhaustion. Therefore, if you meet any such dilemma so meet the doctor.

Did you know? 

  • Erectile dysfunction affects 26% of men younger than 40 years widely.

Erectile dysfunction and other sexual conditions can be treated at the initial stage without any hassle. Over time, sexual disorders such as ED and lack of libido may get severe. Even though studies believe the most common sexual dysfunction in the male is Erectile dysfunction. However, the reasons behind the occurrence of ED may vary from one sufferer to another. There are some studies done that lead low testosterone level is the major cause of erectile dysfunction. To know about erectile dysfunction causes, symptoms, risk factors, and stats, read below-

What does erectile dysfunction indicate? 

The meaning of erectile dysfunction in simple language is not getting enough firm erection or finding the challenge in getting an erection. The Ed is seen as the most common dysfunction among men aged between 40 to 60. Studies indicate that men who are under diabetes and heart-related medical conditions are more prone to meet ED.

Meaning of Ed in medical terms- Ed indicates the incapability to achieve enough firm erection for the sex in males. In short, ED is also represented by the impotence in males.

Some fast facts and myths related to Erectile dysfunction-

  • Myth- ED is a part of growing old and lives with men for a lifetime.
  • Fact- Erectile dysfunction occurs most probably in older people, but it doesn’t indicate you will have to live with it.
  • Myth- Erectile dysfunction doesn’t occur in younger age people.
  • Fact- As mentioned above, ED is more common in older adults, but it may affect the youngers too.
  • Myth- Ed is not dangerous!
  • Fact- However, Ed is not dangerous itself but can be the early sign of some medical conditions such as diabetes and heart failure.
  • Myth- If you are not attracted to your partner so you may find challenges to get an erection.
  • Fact-  Lack of attraction towards the partner might be one of the reasons for ED. However, the study says it is more likely to develop with something else, such as diabetes and high blood pressure.
  • Myth- Ed Medication Levitra, Viagra, Cialis is the only treatment available to treat Ed.
  • Fact- No, this is not true if the root cause of the Ed is any disease such as high blood pressure, so curing the root cause can help out.

What are the causes of erectile dysfunction? 

Numerous factors contribute to erectile dysfunction. However, the price cause of erectile dysfunction varies from one sufferer to another. Therefore, the price cause can be mentioned by the doctor after analyzing the health status. The doctor may conduct that is highly active in occurring erectile dysfunction such as diabetes. Additionally, to know the possible causes of erectile dysfunction, read below-

Physical heal factors- 

  • Several medical and physical conditions lead to cause the erectile dysfunctions and other sexual disorders.
  • The sexual and physical condition may consist of obesity, laziness, diabetes, hormonal misbalance, and heart problems.
  • However, some chronic conditions can also lead to Ed and other sexual disorder such as liver and kidney failure.
  • Long-term consumption of some medications such as antidepressants and stimulants can cause instability in sex drive.

Mental health factors- 

  • Mental instability in anxiety, depression, and mood disorder can also influence the sex drive.
  • Inactiveness and low sexual power associated anxiety can also affect the performance rate in males.
  • Distance, miscommunication, and other personal troubles can also affect the sex drive and libido.
  • Memorizing the past incidents that have affected your mental health can also affect your erection.
What are the risk factors of erectile dysfunction? 

Yes, it is true, and even studies reveal that Ed can indicate other medical conditions. Therefore, if you encounter such a situation, meet the doctor no matter how minor the symptoms are. Some medical conditions are-

  • DIABETES- If you are under the impact of diabetes, this disease may damage or affect the blood vessels that contribute to an erection. Hence, men with such medical conditions are prone to meet erectile dysfunction and other sexual diseases.
  • PSYCHOLOGICAL TROUBLES- mental instability due to anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and many more can affect the sex drive. And when you are under the impact of such dilemmas, you may find it difficult to get an erection as a mental state cannot make the body sexually stimulate. Hence, if you are under such conditions so seek medical help.
  • PROSTRATE CONDITION- Males under the enlarged prostate from benign prostatitis hyperplasia are more likely to meet erectile dysfunction. However, other factors such as prostate cancer can also develop the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.
  • CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES- Ed can be occurred by the misbalanced blood vessels that are not capable of carrying enough bloodstream in the penis. Ed might also point out that something opposite is running in the blood vessels like high B.P and atherosclerosis.
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