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“Oxycodone 80mg: Know its facts before you use.”

Oxycodone 80mg comes as the last subsets of its family, which is chock full of opioid properties and other ingredients. Therefore, it doesn’t safe to initiate the treatment with a high dosage, i.e., oxycodone 80mg, when you are unaware of its mechanism and opioid properties. If you start up the treatment with the upper subsets despite being not familiar, there are higher possibilities to meet the oxycodone withdrawals. Therefore, kindly do not begin the treatment with a high dosage unless the doctor approves.

  • Get the Oxycodone online only when you possess the legal approval from the doctor to use it.

In a general manner, the doctor usually prescribes kick the treatment with the lowest dosage. As the body builds stability in the system, the doctor may advise you to elevate the treatment if a requisition comes. However, don’t increase the dose with self-consent; it may lead to troubles like side effects. There are some questions about Oxycodone we are binding below-

What is the difference between Oxycodone and OxyContin?

Both medications own the same primary functions, i.e., function to address the moderate to severe pain in adults. Despite having the same primary objective, still, there are some differences and similarities both holds-


  • Oxycodone and OxyContin are categorized under a similar drug group named opioid analgesics.
  • The mechanism of both drugs is the same, i.e., working to break the transmission between the brain and body to distract the brain from the pain region.
  • Both medications can lead to serious adverse effects if not used accurately or in the prescribed manner.  
  • The active element in both medications is the same.


  • Oxycodone represents itself as the generic edition. While OxyContin comes as the brad edition.
  • The OxyContin comes in a long-acting formulation. On the contrary, Oxycodone is the short-acting or immediate-release formulation.
  • The prices of the Oxycodone are less as it is the generic version. In contrast, OxyContin seems high in the process as it’s a brand edition.
  • Oxycodone is generally practicable on an as-needed basis. While The doctor generally assigns OxyContin for around-the-clock treatment.

Is Oxycodone the same as Percocet?

Both drugs have some differences and similarities. To know about them, read below-


  • Both are related to the same drug class known as opioid analgesics.
  • The knock-out procedure of both drugs is similar, i.e., stop the brain responding towards the pain.
  • Percocet and Oxycodone are applicable for a similar objective, i.e., treating moderate to severe pain.
  • These drugs are not advised to use by pregnant & nursing women and children younger than 18 years.


  • Oxycodone is derived from opium and thereafter comes into the market with different brand names. While Percocet is the combination of two elements are Oxycodone and acetaminophen. 
  • Percocet is practicable for a shorter period than Oxycodone. It contains acetaminophen, which can lead to serious liver damage if used in the long term. 
  • Oxycodone activates in the two major formulations such as immediate and extended-release. On the contrary, Percocet comes only in the short-acting formulation (immediate-release). 
  • Percocet is safe for the treatment of pain associated with fever. In comparison, Oxycodone helps in the management of pain due to diseases like cancers. 



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