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Who are we?

Reddit Pharmacy is a responsible website. We are in the business for a longer period of time. Our actual motto is to provide you with some of the best medicines. It ranges from painkillers, anti-anxiety tablets, fever relievers and many other categories. You will get all kinds of medicines with their description. Our website is always there with you and beside you. We will never provide you with the wrong product. The reason being we are never allowed to do it. Purchase the medicines from us to get them at your favourable rate.

Payment Acceptance

When you do any transaction on our website we accept three modes of payment. They are cash on delivery, credit or debit cards as well as online payment. You can do it as per your wish. Even if you give your card details they are safe with us. We are not going to provide it to any other third-party website. This is the way you can have trust upon us. We are under the data protection act and doing a certain act is illegal. By any chance, if you do not want to give your card details you can make the payment online. It would be safe and secure.

Making customers happy

We also make sure that our customers are happy with us. So we would give the right product. Therefore, the medicines that are available with us have a longer shelf life. We would never provide you with an expired product. Forget about expired products, we would never provide you with fake medicine. That is against our policy, the reason being we are not scammers. Our website is 100% legal and we give the right products. If you are willing to be sure about us then you can go through the about us page of our website.


There is a helpline number that we provide to you. If you have any queries related to our product you can talk to our advisor. Our advisor is always there beside you and with you. A helpline number is given at the bottom. Call that number and get to talk to our advisor. The concerned person is available for 24 hours. But as far as we know you would never have any such queries. As we told you, the description of every medicine is already mentioned. After seeing the description you will get a clear idea of our products.

Delivering your product

We have our partners FedEx and many others. The products are shipped and delivered to you within 3-4 days. There is no chance of them being damaged. If you are willing to return our product then also you can do it. A policy is there that you need to follow. You need to return the product within a span of 30 days. If it crosses 30 days then we would not accept it and you are not going to get a refund. This is known to be the return policy of our website. You need to be aware of this particular thing.


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