Levitra 5mg

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Levitra 5 mg


Levitra 5mg is the brand name of the substance Vardenafil, which is used to treat male sexual function problems like impotence or erectile dysfunction ED. The medication works by boosting the blood flow in the penis to help the man obtain and revive an erection. The patient should take the drug orally or as directed by the doctor with or without food 1 hour before sexual activity.

It is not advised to take the medication more than once a day, and the next dose is to be taken after 24 hours apart. The dosage of Levitra depends on the medical condition of the patient, tolerance, and the response of the body, and the medication the patient may be taking (prescription, non-prescription drugs, and herbal products. Levitra 5mg is low strength medication, which is prescribed at an early stage to get optimum relief.


Side effects Levitra 5mg :


  1. Headache

  2. Runny nose

  3. Dizziness

  4. Increased sensitivity to light

  5. Blurred vision

  6. Any heart-related issues while having sexual activity

  7. Chest / Jaw / Left arm pain

  8. Nausea

  9. Serious allergic reactions

  • Rashes

  • Swelling (esp. On the face/ tongue/ throat)

  • Itching

  • Trouble breathing


Precaution Levitra 5mg :


  1. Consult your pharmacist or doctor before consuming vardenafil and discuss if the patient is allergic to it.


  1. Tell your doctor if you have/ had :

  • Heart problems

  • Kidney disease

  • High or low Blood pressure

  • Penis conditions like angulation, fibrosis

  • Any history of a painful or prolonged erection

  • Eye problems like sudden decreased vision or NAION


      3.   Avoid the intake of alcohol or marijuana during therapy.

      4. Do not take the medication with any other product which has a similar substance as Levitra.


     5. Avoid the consumption of certain drugs that are used to treat chest pain or recreational drugs known as “poppers” containing amyl or butyl nitrate.


     6. Avoid the product that might interact with the drug-like Riociguat that might cause a severe drop or boost in the patient’s blood pressure.


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13 reviews for Levitra 5mg

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  13. Rick

    The no 1 erectile dysfunction tablet for those who are suffering from impotence.

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