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Vicodin 10mg

Vicodin 10mg


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Vicodin 10mg 


A combination of hydrocodone bitartrate and acetaminophen, which contains Hydrocodone bitartrate 10mg and Acetaminophen 300mg, is sold under the brand name of Vicodin. The medication is used for the management of severe pain, which requires an opioid analgesic. Vicodin might or might not be tolerated by the human body at times. It is recommended to consume the medication with the prescription of a doctor. As advised, this medication should be used for a short duration and in a small amount to treat the issues of the patient. Many factors are considered before prescribing the drug of Vicodin, like age, tolerance, and the reaction of the body. With heavy medication combined, it is advised to consume the lowest effective dose to understand the response of the medicine.


Side effects of Vicodin 10mg:

There are side effects of a medication, which are visible when it is taken in huge amount, or suddenly stopped from using. There are certain signs that the human body reacts and responds to when the body reciprocates the effect. The common negative symptoms are discussed below :


  1. Light-headedness

  2. Sedation

  3. Vomiting

  4. Nausea

  5. Dizziness


Other severe side effects of Vicodin are listed below. In this case, consult the doctor for the right directions to consume the type of medication, if available, or visit the doctor immediately.

  1. CNS issues (drowsiness, lethargy, anxiety, fear, dysphoria, mood changes)

  2. Constipation

  3. Hearing impairment or permanent loss of hearing with chronic overdose

  4. Rashes, allergic reactions

  5. Serotonin syndrome ( potentially life-threatening with continuous use of opioids)

Precautions of Vicodin 10mg :

  1. Risks of driving or operating any machinery

  2. Never share the medication with anyone (illegal)

  3. Abuse, misuse or addiction with the use of Vicodin

  4. With increased dosage, the risk of life-threatening respiratory depression increases

  5. Interaction with other medications, alcohol or drugs might result in serious side effects or prove to be fatal

  6. Dosage in a day should not get more than 400 mg of Vicodin. It increases the risk of side effects and may be fatal.

  7. Consumption of MAOI (monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors) should be avoided to stay away from potential risks.

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