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Vicodin 750mg ES is a combination of Hydrocodone bitartrate (opioid) and Acetaminophen (non- opiate), which is mainly used for the treatment of pain, back pain, or cough. It belongs to the class of narcotic analgesic combinations. It is white in color and an elliptical/oval-shaped bisected tablet. The usual adult dosage of the medication is one tablet every 4-5 hours, and the limit of consumption of Vicodin ES should not exceed six tablets in a day. Sold under the brand name of Vicodin 750mg ES, the medication is a combination of opioid and non-opiate medicines and results in hypersensitivity. Seek the consultation of a doctor before consumption of the medicine if the patient has ever experienced hypersensitivity.


Side effects of  vicodin-75-750mg ES.


Every medication relieves one of the issues, but if misused, the drug can show side effects and withdrawal symptoms. With the experience of the patients, the medication of Vicodin shows adverse effects if taken in massive amounts. The common side effects of Vicodin ES are :

  1. Dizziness

  2. Lightheadedness

  3. Chills

  4. Loss of appetite

  5. Nausea


There might be some allergic reactions that one might face. But this case is quite rare in Vicodin, one should immediately consult a doctor if any such issues are witnessed. Discussed below are some allergic reactions :

  1. Hives

  2. Rashes

  3. Swelling of eyelids, eyes, face or throat


 The consumption of the medication should be under the observation of the doctor. The overdose of the drug might instigate adverse effects on the health of the patient. Some symptoms of overdose are :


  1. Blood in urine

  2. Chest pain

  3. Discomfort

  4. Extreme drowsiness

  5. A slow or regular heartbeat

Precautions Before taking Vicodin-75-750mg :


    1. Avoid the consumption of Vicodin if you are allergic to any of its ingredients.

    2. If there are any signs of allergy, such as rashes or trouble in breathing, immediately stop the consumption of the medicine.

    3. The usual intake of the medication in a day should be 400 mg. More than that can be harmful to health.

    4. The consumption of alcohol or any CNS depressant may be harmful if taken with Vicodin.

    5. As Vicodin is addictive in nature, discontinue the use of Vicodin-75-750mg after the medication is not required.

    6. It is still not discovered if the medication is safe to use in pregnancy. But it is recommended to consult the doctor before consuming the medicine in pregnancy.


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